Here’s a story I could not have made up if I had tried.

Not more than 20 minutes after leaving Union Station Chicago at 4:45 PM CST on Monday, March 25 I find myself walking around near Michigan Ave (the prettiest street in America as far as I’m concerned) looking for my hotel. Mind you, I have this enormous back pack on me that looks ridiculous and way to heavy for a guy my age.

Several people offer directions but one man, Bill, is the one I’ll remember. He tells me to head in one direction. When he realizes I am going the wrong way he catches up with me and points me southward on Michigan Ave. We start walking together and he tells me he’d been every where in the world so he felt the need to help me. When I say that I’ve just arrived in Chicago after more than a two week train trek across America he says, “Why don’t we go to your hotel, unpack and let me take you to dinner.” Free food and what looked like an interesting guy? I could not say no.

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